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So i want to overclock my RX 460 2gb and i want help when i raise the core clock above 1250 even memory clock drivers are always crashing whats the problem do i need to raise the power limit and what is power limit do you have any guide ?

im using msi afterburner.
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  1. Don't touch memory clock. It can cause instability. Start with core clock. Raise the clock by small increments, i.e of 10 mhz or 20 mhz. Crank up your power limit to the max, to allow more overclock headroom. If you are crashing you may need to unlock voltage control and increase your gpu voltage. That can increase your temps though, so you should build a custom fan profile and force 100 % fan speed near 70 C, to keep your chip at low temps.
    You should be able to reach 1330 mhz or even higher with overvolting to +80 mV.
    From what i read though, your drivers are hindering your overclocking software like afterburner. Amd previous drivers had a problem with 3rd party overlocking utilities. Go to their website and download the latest drivers (17.8.2). Use DDU first to wipe out any previous drivers and registries.
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