Need help with overclocking i7 7700k

1. whats the highest you think i could go with a kraken x62 (mostly asking because summer in Australia can reach up to 40 degrees celcius

2. should i replace the thermal compund that was already on it with my arctic silver, would that be better than what came pre applied

3. what do you have your 7700k overclocked at with what voltage
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  1. 1. there's no same answer for everyone, as every 7700K will OC differently to the next one. As long as temps/voltages are within safe limits

    2. the difference between thermal compounds is minimal and the paste NZXT use is pretty good

    3. don't have the 7700K, but the principal is the same for all, keep voltages and temps under safe limits and just see how high you can take the multiplier stable with the needed voltage. Don't compare yours to other to start with, just see how yours does
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