Will a 6th generation cpu work on z370?

Hello all!
I am aware that for the most part, the Intel 300 series chipset has not had a lot of information leaked on the internet. However I am curious as to if the 300 series chipset will be backwards compatible with 6th and 7th gen processors?
Thanks in advance!
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    Unknown, but probably not. Intel generally only allows forward/backward compatibility across two versions and then cuts it off and starts over again.

    So 6/7th gen worked on 100/200 series. In all likelihood 8/9th gen will work with 300/400 series.
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  2. That's a bummer, i just made my PC is February of this year. Oh well, that's the price of improvement I suppose :P
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  3. AMD as part of their bargain for the buck usually allows their CPUs to work with a longer lineage of motherboards before they cut it off with a socket change.

    The downside to that is AMD motherboards will get long in the tooth with poor or no support for the latest and great motherboard tech like then newest version of USB and things like that.
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