Is my 1 year old desktop case compatible with a new gigabyte motherboard?

Have a one year old desktop pc with asus 110m-d motherboard and i3 6100 cpu. I want to swap out the motherboard and cpu for a gigabyte ab350m gaming board and ryzen 1600. How do I know all the connections from the front panel of the chassis such as pwr, reset, usb, lights etc will fit the new board or do I need a compatible case?
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  1. All of that is standard you'll be fine
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    Since asus 110m-d uses standardized connector for PSU, case holes, and all the front power/light/usb/audio connectors then the ab350m should work just as fine.

    If you list your case then we can make certian of that, but as long as it is not an OEM case (dell, hp, etc) then 99% chance it will work with the ab350 just the same as your asus board.
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  3. Cooler Master Elite 342 Mini Tower Case, if that helps...
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  4. Yeah that will support any MicroATX board like the ab350m is.

    Now if you have the one with the included power supply this is not a very quality unit, I would not recommend you trying to overclock and/or running even a low-medium end graphics card like a 1050ti until you get a quality unit that can handle the load and not be any danger to your parts.
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