Cpu multiplier and clock speed randomly changing. Help is much appreciated.

Hi, I have an I7 7700k and a strix z270g. I managed to overclock my 7700k to 5ghz stable at 1.300v
It worked for a week. However now my multiplier and clock speed are changing to stock at random, not even during heavy load just randomly. My pc always boots at 5 and stays that way for at least 2 mins before it starts flickering down to 4.2 and stays there. I tried increasing the voltage all the way to 1.4 and this still happens. It was stable at 1.300 before. I tried toggling turbo mode and speed step and changing the current limit max to 255.50 yet it still happens, please help.

I believe I may have accidentally hit something in the bios but I don't know how to prevent it from doing this.
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More about cpu multiplier clock speed randomly changing appreciated
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