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I recently decided to buy a new RAM module for my PC, as it had only 1 stick of 4gb DDR3 in it. I decided to buy this one, as i think its compatible with my motherboard and my old RAM.
I installed it, computer recognised it, all well and good. But after 20-30 minutes the computer crashes with a BSOD with the error irql_not_less_or_equal. This happens every time.

EDIT: While the PC was running with only the new Ram stick in it, it produced another BSOD. After running a memtest on it for 5 hours with 4 passes and 0 errors, I believe this is a software problem. I'll do a re-install of windows and see if it crashes again.

Here are my DRAM configurations from BIOS

DRAM Voltage: 1.500V
CAS Latency (tCL): 9
RAS to CAS Delay (tRCD): 9
Row Precharge Time (tRP): 9
RAS Active Time (tRAS): 24 36

Here are my system specs

OS Windows 7 Professional
500W Power supply
CPU Intel Core i5-3550 @ 3.30 GHz
GPU Radeon HD 7770
Motherboard ASRock H61M-GS

What I've tried

Running memtest86 for both sticks, left it open for 3 hours, 2 passes with 0 errors.
Changed cycle time (tRAS) from 24 to 36, as the manufacturer of both RAM modules recommend.
Loaded a live ubuntu usb and ran a RAM stress test, left it open for an hour with no crashes there.
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  1. you made the memory upgrade error many before you have. You have mixed model memory. A huge no no. Always get the EXACT same make, model, speed and CL rating ram when upgrading, even this isn't guaranteed to work but it is your best bet outside of completely replacing your ram. When you run mixed ram like you are doing the best case is it runs fine, the likely case is you get mixed mode which comes with a fairly big performance penalty, then you get the worst doesn't run properly or at all. NEVER mix ram. always get the same exact make and model. If you have a doubt, replace all your ram. This is why it when running one stick no crashes...but both...crashes. I have seen mixed ram pass memtest but crash windows. Sadly you just need return what you have to get the make and model you had...or get rid of you old ram and more of the new make and model you just bought.
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    Ok so, after a couple of days without any problems I'll mark this as solved. Fresh re-install of windows removed any software that might caused the crashes. Thankfully it was a software problem and not a hardware one. If the crashes come back in the future after I install more software, I'll reply here to let anyone with the same problem know what exactly caused them.
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