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I'd like to know your opinion about components for my new PC. I've got 2 SSDs - M.2 for system and prorgams and normal SSD for media. Another HDD for data. Is this PC capable of editing in Premiere Pro with 4K?

AMD Ryzen 1700
Samsung 850 250GB - for media
Samsung 960 250GB - for system
WD Blue 3TB for data
Gigabyte GA-AB650-GAMING 3
Corsair 16GB 3200MHz
Seasonic 620W
MSI GTX 1060

I have to see if 16GB of RAM will be problem for editing, if so, I'll buy another 16GB.
Thank you!
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  1. Your Monitor is 1080p right?
    then it all looks good and getting 1060@6GB right?
    you should get the 2x8GB or ram for 16GB and if you need more then you can go for more 2x8GB and utilize all the 4 slots of board
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    A 1060 is enough for a 60hz monitor. For a 144hz, get a 1070.
    Although the s12620 is a good unit. It an old design. If you can, look for a seasonic 550 gold, corsair txm or evga g2/g3
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