Booting Windows 10 installation media from USB (ASUS motherboard)

I'm having trouble reinstalling Windows 10, because the Windows 10 installation media I downloaded from Microsoft will not boot from the USB stick. I have disabled Secure Boot (by clearing the keys) and CSM is enabled.

I do not find any Legacy Settings in the Boot menu of my BIOS though (I read on here that might be needed). I have an ASUS motherboard with American Megatrends, Inc. Version 2.10.1208

I tried setting the boot priority to the USB stick, but alas no effect.
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  1. which motherboard?
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  2. nitinvaid20 said:
    which motherboard?

    Manufacturer ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC.
    Version Rev 1.xx
    Chipset Vendor Intel
    Chipset Model Haswell
    Chipset Revision 06
    Southbridge Vendor Intel
    Southbridge Model Z87
    Southbridge Revision C2

    Brand American Megatrends Inc.
    Version 0804
    Date 19-Aug-13
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