MSI GTX 1050 TI Gaming Vs Gaming X

Does it worth giving more money for Gaming X version instead of Gaming?What are the differences?
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  1. Higher out of the box clock speeds pretty much. I'd get the gaming and oc yourself
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  2. The X has a slightly better cooler, has slightly better clock speeds factory and has the potential to be slightly better at OC. Which makes it 2-3fps better on average, maybe as much as 5fps with both cards at max potential OC.

    Out of the box, just to plug and play, the cost isn't worth it unless you are uber picky about looks, colors, benchmarks and bragging rights. (The last being a joke as I don't know anyone who's going to be bragging about paying more for a 1050ti)
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  3. I got the MSI Gtx 1050 ti and the cooler is really good, idle temps are 29 Celsius or lower, rust,rocket league,overwatch,pubg, 49-51 Celsius, minecraft & league 35-45 Celsius. The temps are really what I loved about the card its really up to you.
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