Pc restarting over and over again after few minutes or less than 30 minutes

My pc keeps restarting over and over again..already done everything suggested by other technicians like the ram one by one, removing video card, reinstalling windows but the same problem still exists. Im running out of ideas. Even restarting in bios

(cpu temp at 56 celcius)

R7 2gb graphics
8gb ram (2x4)
Fm22 gigabyte motherboard

Help me guys..
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  1. If your machine is restarting while in the motherboard BIOS, you almost certainly have a hardware problem. If the BIOS were corrupted I doubt you would even get into it.

    Have you tried re-seating the CPU?

    EDIT: I found this solved thread http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-1792345/computer-randomly-restarts-bios-replacing-ram-power-supply.html

    Try removing the front panel I/O from the motherboard and use a screwdriver to power-on. This should troubleshoot your physical power switch.
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  2. try one stick of RAM at a time, test one then the other. if reboots still occur I would look to the PSU.
    Random reboots are usually PSU, RAM, and software. in that order. the reboot in BIOS eliminates software as the issue leaving RAM and PSU. test the RAM and if reboots persist the PSU is suspect.
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