Will the Q9300 bottlneck the GTX 580?

Hello there,

I bought a GTX 580 for £15 (good steal) and i dont have a 600w so i bought one on ebay ocz extreme (Coming on its way) and i want to see if it will dramatically improve my preformance from my 9500gt 512mb, will the Q9300 bottleneck my GTX 580?


Q9300 @2.5ghz stock (cant oc locked)
- 2gb ddr2 (upgrading to 8gb ram ddr2
GTX 580 1.5gb
600w OCZ extreme 2 psu
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  1. Even if the Q9300 does bottleneck it, so what. If your performance improves then you have spent your money wisely.
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  2. Thanks for the answer cheers mate
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  3. I had a OC'ed Q9550 and a GTX 480 and no bottle neck there. When i switched to my FX 8320 3 years ago I didn't see any difference in most games i played at the time.
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  4. Yeah but mine is stock so a 15% decrease and i would be glad if i get more usage for gpu and cpu and better preformance from my crappy 9500GT 512mb
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  5. Oh pffft yea dude just get a 580 then. Just the GPU increase along will kill the 9500GT. Lets just say I was able to play Crysis at 30 FPS on High detail with my Q9550 and GTX 480 So yea upgrade is def a good idea if that is what you are coming from. And besides a GPU is a universal upgrade. It will work in ANY PC you build. So it will help with future builds. I have a GTX 960 now but that is only because my 480 finally died.
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  6. Some one is offering me a QX9770 for £30 but oc at 3.40ghz . Should i take the deal?
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  7. It would help for CPU intensive games. Overall it is about 50% faster than what you got, but as far as single threaded goes it is only mabe 20% faster. but for 30 bucks (Or euros in your case) I would go for it. I bought my Q9550 like 4 years ago bot 100 USD and that was a steal. Only thing is the Core 2 Era has been over for 8 years now. If you have no money at all then go for it. Otherwise save up for a cheap Ryzen rig.
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