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Hey guys,
So I recently built my own Gaming/Streaming PC on Saturday and have spent the past 2 days getting everything installed on it and stuff! Anyway, I plan on OC'ing my CPU (Ryzen 1700) to about 3.7Ghz w/ Wraith Spire! However it will be my first time OC'ing and I want to make sure that I don't break my CPU or Motherboard by putting in the wrong settings or anything like that.

My Motherboard is the ASRock x370 Taichi by the way!

I attempted to try it on Ryzen Master but it wouldn't let me apply the profile, I got an error along the lines of 'failed to apply (MEM VTT)' or something like that so i'm guessing it'll just be better to do it properly in be BIOS!

Is there any specific guides for my CPU and MoBo combo that will make it easy for me without breaking anything? And if it doesn't work will it still boot to BIOS to change the settings back?

Thanks in advance for any help guys!
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  1. Just some general guidelines for you. With the stock air cooler, you won't be able to use much voltage....or, at least, I wouldn't. Heat and volts are the enemy to the CPU.

    So, I'd say no more than 1.4v core voltage. For a 3.7ghz overclock, you'll likely be down around 1.35v to keep it stable. Keep SOC voltage under 1.1. Additional SOC voltage is useful in keeping higher memory clocks stable. Use medium LLC settings. LLC counteracts vdroop. When a CPU is under load, it'll fall off the voltage assigned in the bios. For instance. You set 1.35v, but under load you're seeing the voltage drop to 1.31v. That's vdroop. Low LLC levels counteract vdroop a little bit. High LLC settings can actually INCREASE the prescribed voltage, so be very careful. But it does so, at the expense of VRM temps.

    As for a specific bios review for your board. There's a good thread on it here:
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