air flow question nzxt switch 810

so i was wondering if there is anyway to make air flow better because i only really see my gpu overheat when i play tera other wise its maximum 65C

my power supply has a top fan and my gpu fans point down so i don't if that's fixable with out water cooling or there is something i'm not thinking of.

The reason i ask now is because I am thinking of upgrading to a 1080. So i tried to make the airflow enter from the bottom and escape through the radiator through the top

also i removed the bottom cage because i feel it deemed unnecessary for now.
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  1. You mean your PSU blowing Hot air into the system,? you should switch your PSU then upside down
    and what are the MAX gpu temp you are achieving? and have you overclocked it?
    your fans position are perfectly right i see no issue there
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