i5-6600k Overclocking 3.9Ghz

Whats the recommended 3.9ghz voltage for the i5-6600k?

Its stuck at 3.57Ghz and my current voltage is already 1.3V
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  1. Their no recomended voltage because every chip is different.
    I would not go past 1.35 volts.
    I have seen people running in the 1.4 volt area.
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  2. what ta hell, sell that, you got a very very very very very very ( and a lot of more very) bad silicon, shit some can oc up to 4ghz with stock voltage. I reccomend you to sell your cpu
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  3. what cpu cooler do you have?
    I have the same cpu with a dark rock tf and have 4.3 @ 1.136v
    what temps do you have? How are you overclocking? 3.6@ 1.35 just sounds wrong. I'm no expert with O/C but something seems amiss.
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  4. Did you set voltage to auto?, well even in auto that voltage is JUST SO HIGH!
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