New to Overclocking Ryzen 5 1600, am I doing it Right? Please answer these questions.

I bought a Ryzen 5 1600 and wanted to overclock it to 3.9Ghz. So i downloaded the Ryzen Master Utility and made a custom profile with all cores at 3.9 and voltage is 1.33. So far thats all ive done. Also I have 2400mhz RAM in my system but in the utility the memory clock is at 1200. Are the options under memory control ( see picture ) something i need to change, or is this talking about something thats not ram. Also, do i need to change any other settings under voltage column. And finally, ive had some thermal paste in my cpu socket for a while now but nothing bad has happened yet. Will this affect the overclocking process in any way or cause any trouble. Note that i havent applied the settings yet

Thermal Paste:
Overclocking settings:
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  1. I was to taught to overclock in the bios. I know that some of the older bios for Ryzen boards were not very good so i would go over to the motherboards website and down load the newest. If you dont know how to flash bios i would suggest watching a youtube video and doing your research. I would not recommend overclocking if you just bought a new chip. If you need to overclock a new chip than you go the wrong CPU IMO
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  2. 1200MHz RAM clock = 2400 RAM. It's working correctly but shown differently in that utility.

    I do BIOS only overclocking, except for GPU because it's not available. I would overclock GPU in BIOS if there was that option.
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