Built a new Ryzen System, are these temps really bad? Is it possible for me to OC the CPU?


I just built a system with the following config:
Ryzen 7 1700X
Cooler Master Hyper 212x Turbo LED
Aorus GTX 1080 Ti 11G
16 GB Ram
Crucial SSD
Seagate Firecuda
all inside the NZXT S340 Elite

Now after a 2 hour gaming session (Playing NFS 2015 maxed out) my CPU tDie temp was reported as reaching a max of 60 degrees (at stock clock), and the GPU reaching a max 72 degrees.

The only way to install the hyper 212 was to have one of the fans either blow air onto the gpu or suck air from the GPU area.

My ambient room temperature would be between 27-30 degrees. Is an OC possible? or should I stick to using the stock clock?
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  1. with your ambient temps the CPU temps are okay. I've a 1600x, and it gets to about 57 or so gaming load. Considering you've 2 more cores 60 seems about right. To establish headroom for overclocking, use something like Prime95 or Aida to stress the CPU. My max temp with a 3.9 oc is 79c. Stress the CPU fisrt and see what temps you reach, and if it's about 80 degrees you don't have much to play with. At least not in my eyes. You can push it, but I like to keep my OC temps at or about 80c.

    GPU temps seem a little high. But not uncommon. Maybe set a better fan curve so, when the temps get to say 65c your fans kick in at full speed. Still 72 on the GPU isn't bad either. They can go a little higher. Again, I just like my temps as low as I can get them. I don't mind the fan noise.
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  2. May not hurt to get a pci slot cooling fan to put under the GPU. But otherwise temps are in specs.
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