Screen turned green while running Heaven benchmark. Too much oc?


Just a while ago, I tried running Heaven because I wanted to see the difference between dx9, OpenGL, and dx11. Halfway through running with OpenGL (dx9 worked fine), the whole screen just turned emerald green. Ctrl + alt + del didn't work and after a few seconds, the screen turned black and the monitor went to power saving mode but the tower still has lights. I was thinking that it could be too much ocing but I already tested my oc months ago and didn't have any problem.

CPU: A4-5300 (stock)
GPU: RX 460
GPU clock OCed to 1314 (was 1210). Memory clock OCed to 1800 (was 1750).

Should I tone down the OC (despite it being stable for months)? Or is there something wrong with something else?

Thanks for your help!
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  1. See if turning down the OC helps. Due to electro-migration the OC a chip is capable of at a certain voltage goes down over time. So you either have to turn down the OC or increase the voltage, which increases the rate of electro-migration and the rate for which your chip will burn out. So it is up to you which you want/can to do. Doesn't have to be it. Could just need to reload your drivers/windows etc...But if turning down your OC help, electro-migration or to much heat are likely the issues.
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  2. What are your temps under load for your GPU?
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  3. atomicWAR said:
    What are your temps under load for your GPU?

    55-58°C. Fans at 80%
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