PC doesn't boot after shut down for 3-5 hours then automatically awakens with bios recovery screen and works perfectly .

I'm sorry in advance for my english , I'm not native English speaker but I will try this do my best to explain the problem.
Z87 m plus
I7 4790k 4.4
Zalman CNPS10X Performa
Zalman GLX600 w
GeForce 1060 3 gb g1
Plextor px128m5pro
RAM Kingston hyperX predator 16 2400
This was my previous memory and after overclocking it to 2133 after 7-10 days I started experiencing the problem . I was shutting down pc but after 3-5 hours PC was awaken wiTh bios recovery screen .
My first thought was that my new overclock causing this .
I bought new memory but it didn't change anything (I gained huge fps improvement in games after overclock old memory and when new RAM has arrived I gained even more )
With new RAM I'm passed memtest86 3 times without errors .
PC reboots without problem .
Here what I've tried so far and got no results :
Replaced CMOS battery to new one.
Used power switch manually .
Changed DDR slots .
Tried to boot without GPU and RAM .
Tried to boot without usbs , gpu , RAM and other cables .
Plug/unplug power cord does nothing .
Tomorrow will try to use another PSU .

After unplugging power cord PC boots faster ( after couple of hours )
Thinking about reseting CMOS but i dont know how to do it :(
Pictures aren't same and i can't find this jumpers .

EDIT : all capacitors in PSU are fine .

The worst thing is bios recovery . If it was problem with PSU i don't think bios recovery page would appear .
I still didn't get another PSU to test my PC .
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  1. I replaced the MOBA and problem disappeared .
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