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Okay just finished my 7700k delid, and tested my temps and I'm getting 74C Max at 4.8ghz OC , I was getting these temps before the delid (with a room temp of around 18C) only thing now is my A/C went out today and it's around 30-33C in my house, and my radiator temp was at 33C when testing after delid

you guys think that I'm getting close to my pre-delid temps because my house is in the high 80's to low 90's?

also I applied just enough liquid metal to cover the die, so that the whole die is covered you guys think I applied too little or is that the point just to get the whole die covered?
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  1. Covering the die isn't the issue it's filling the space between the die and the ihs.
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  2. Well if that wasn't done correctly I'm sure I would have experienced way hotter readings

    I just know that if you put too much on it, it could possibly get on the chip and with conductive paste would be a bad idea

    As for my re-seal (silicon) I put a thin layer of RTV around the IHS leaving a gap on the top of the IHS

    I'm pretty much just wondering if ambient temp has a decent role on what temps I'll experience when testing, cause if I'm suppose to be seeing improved readings even with abnormal ambient temp then I have to re-delid
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  3. If your only at 4.8Ghz those temps are "slightly" high. On the Overclockers forum there are numerous posts on this if you search. There are ppl running close to 1.4v 5/5.1ghz with temps lower than 74c.
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