PSU wattage for 3x GTX 1080 Ti + AMD Threadripper 1950X

Would a good 1200W be enough or is it even too much?
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    AMD 1950X has TDP of 180W, one GTX 1080 Ti has TDP of 250W, add all together and you're looking towards 930W. Add the rest of the system to it at about 170W and total peak power consumption would be 1100W.

    While your system does run with 1.2kW PSU, if you OC your CPU/GPUs, system consumes more power and just to be safe, go with 1.5kW PSU, e.g Corsair AX1500i,
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  2. Also a 1950x can use north of 300w when max ocs are involved. Did Nvidia ever allow triple sli again? When the Pascal cards were released you couldn't run a 3way sli. If that is your intention you might want to make 100% sure before you go down that path.
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  3. OP didn't state that he plans to use 3x GPUs in a SLI. Mining rigs are one such PCs that doesn't need multiple GPUs to be run in a SLI for proper work.
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  4. I understand that but who in the hell puts 3 1080tis in a mining rig, then pairs it with a $1k cpu? None of that makes any sense. The only way to make it make less sense for a minjng rig would be 1080s. I didn't say it had to be sli. I multiple times said "if this is your intention"
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