GPU Overclocking questions.

So I have been tinkering with pcs of all ages for he past couple years, but one thing I have never touched before is overclocking. Recently I decided to create a "budget gaming pc" and thought it would be interesting to get into overclocking. Now for the CPU I know for a fact I can't change the voltage because it's a sandy bridge (locked). My question however is if my gpu is compatible and ready to overclock.

P c specs:
CPU: i3-2120
Gpu: gigabyte GeForce gtx 1050 oc (overclock)
Ram: G.skill ripjaws v ddr4 2400 8gb
Psu: evga 450 watt w1
MOBO: msi b250m provdh

So I know that the card itself is overclockable but I don't know if the rest of the system will allow it to.
I just don't want to harm any other parts while learning about overclocking
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  1. The rest of system has no influence on GPU overclocking, it's all done thru SW anyway. The only problem is that cards without added power require PCIe of 75W and that may put a crimp in GPU OC which may require more than that but MB may not be able to supply it.
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