low fps after overclocking.

so i have a pretty old gpu a gtx 560 paried with a x4 860k... so i decided to overclock the cpu to 3.9ghz since i have a stock cpu cooler i also overclocked my gpu without moving the voltage at all i saw some big improvement while benchmarking 10+ fps boost. everything was good until i decided to run up Warface and noticed my fps was at 30 reaching down to 15 at times it used to run at 70+... i resetted my bios and afterburner settings and still nothing. my pcie version is still at x16. i'm not sure what happened and i would like some help.
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  1. Great You corrupted the driver , hahaha, well it happens sometimes just use DDU ( Display Driver Unistaller) and unistall all nvidia drivers, after that go to the webpage and downlaod last drivers
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