QCode b6 Maximus IX Code

The pc was working as usuall until it freeze, so i turned it off.
When i tried to turn it back on, i got a qcode b6, i tried removing the ram, using just 1 slot and clearing cmos pressing the clearcmos button on the back of the mobo with the pc turn off but i still cant boot, i cant get a video signal.

Maximus ix code
i7 7700k
16gb (2x8) corsair dominator platinum 3000mhz
corsair h100i v2
zotac gtx 950
samsung 850 evo for os and wd black 2 tb for storage
intel optane 32gb (i installed this before getting an ssd, never had the time to take it off)
evga gq 750w 80+ gold

I updated the bios about 4 months ago when i bought the pc to the v0906. I saw that there is a new version availiable that says "Fixed Logitech device issue.". A few days ago i bought a logitech g900 mouse, can that be the problem?. Can i update the bios with the mobo doing this? Should i take this to the warranty?

EDIT: I took the mobo to the warranty service and they told me that it has no problems, but i still can get video signal or post, qcode is still b6, can this be a CPU issue?

Sorry for the bad english, im from Argentina and this is the best i can do. Thank you for your help.
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