AMD A12-9800 vs Ryzen 3 1200

Which one would you say is better for gaming and can I add a graphics card to the a12 even though it has onboard graphics? I noticed that the Ryzen chip had way more cache but does that matter?
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  1. The Ryzen 3 is significantly better on all fronts. The only real case for the A12-9800 is if you're trying to build a light gaming rig with no discrete GPU. While they work on the new socket, the Bristol Ridge APUs are all based off AMD's older architecture rather than Zen, which bulldozes Bulldozer.
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  2. Bristol Ridge is the same stuff as the old FM2 chips but updated for AM4. Raven Ridge which may not launch for the desktop before 2018 will be the new thing worth considering which will feature a Ryzen CCX and Vega IGP.
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