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Im about to upgrade my old Gpu to the new vega 56.
I have two following questions which are, how big are the new vega 56 (length and width), and is it enough with 500w to power the vega 56.

My system:
Vega 56; obviously
Fractal design node 304; (capable with gpu's up till 310mm in length)
Cooler master 500w
1tb hdd barracuda
120gb hyperx fury ssd
Corsair vengeance lpx 16gb 2133mhz
MSI H110I Pro, Socket-1151
This with a 500w Psu?

If not can you recommend a good Psu which fits the case?
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    Requirement for that card is minimum 500w,
    so you should be able to use it with your current PSU, but don't expect you can overclock as you don't have enough headroom to do that.
    Another option is to consider the GTX 1080 instead. Vega 56 and GTX 1080 performe about the same but GTX 1080 runs cooler and uses less power. Obviously this depends where the final price of Vega 56 ends in the shops compared to the GTX 1080. Also you should wait for third party cards with proper cooling solutions as those blower style coolers are not the best in terms of noise and temperatures.
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