can i over clock nvidia gt 730 ddr 3


now my system specs are:

q 9550 2.8 quad cor with 12 mb cashe
8gb ddr 2 ram ( buit in with dell 960)
dell 960 company made board and power supply.

can i over clock my gpu without changing my power supply or without doing any other changes ?
and plz guide me a proper way in detail that how may i over clock it ? one more thing, i play online game heroes and generals on it, plz guide me that how much time i can play this game if i over clock it.
which software and which settings, plz guide in detail. thx for yr attention and time.
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  1. You can overclock just like 5% more maybe still you wont get enofgh juice out of your GPU to play games better you wont feel any difference and OC depends on the Temp too what are your Current Temp of the GPU in full load
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