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So I overclocked my CPU just on the spot in my BIOS. As It was saving I turned it off as it froze or something . I've done this before as it's happened before and no problems . This time it wouldn't get any reaction from the power button so I turned off the PSU. I turned it back on and now my PC won't get display or my keyboard and mouse won't light up, my fans spin and PC LEDS are on. But no display. Help?
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    It's possible that something is not right with the configured settings and the PC isn't allowing a boot to save itself from too much or too little voltage.

    Clear the CMOS out to reset the BIOS back to default. Use the jumpers on the motherboard if you have those (what hardware do you have? what board, CPU, OS?), or pull out the CMOS battery leave it out for a minute or two, and push and hold the power button to drain the capacitors. Make sure the PSU is turned off at the back or unplugged from the wall.

    Put the battery back in and see if you get something. If that doesn't work then get a new CMOS battery and try that. If still no luck then it's possible the BIOS got corrupted.
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