AMD Ryzen 5 1600 and Gigabyte ab350 gaming 3 Corsair 3000 LPX RAM overclock issue

I've had the 5th version of bios for my Mobo for 2 months now - no issues aside from my 3000 ram was only operating at 1866 if I remembered correctly. Figured I'd live with it for the time being.

Finally got around to messing with it today. I found a post in which someone had the exact same build as mine and I threw his suggested settings into bios, although he was using 2x8gb sticks and I'm using 2x4. It also would not let me bump up the RAMs voltage from 1.2, as the individual suggested to use 1.35, but did on a different screen. Changing the voltage on this other screen did not change voltage on the original RAM one. Despite this I hit save and exit. Computer would turn on, but would not boot or even get to bios. (If any of that sounds dumb my bad, super new at overclocking)

After popping out the CMOS battery and waiting a good 5-6 minutes, the computer booted normally (got to windows desktop, everything seemed fine) although the bios settings did not seem to reset. I had meant to go to bios anyway to see if they had reset or not, so I rebooted and it did the same thing as earlier, computer came on but wouldn't boot or go to bios.

After this I repeated the CMOS battery thing and was certain to go to bios, succeeded, and bios told me everything had been reset. I verified this, noticed ram speeds were back to normal, and decided to not mess with them any further and just try to turn on xmp. I figured if I can't overclock I ought to at least try to get a little bit of boost from xmp. However when I saved an exited again, same thing happened.
Edit: Should be noted that when I flipped XMP on, the voltage increased on its own to 1.35, although I was still unable to manually edit it. The speed also bumped up to 2933, which is what I was shooting for in the first place.

Currently in the process of waiting for a third round of CMOS battery resetting. I think I'll try booting again without touching anything and see if that fixes it. I also read something about using 'optimal' or 'safe' config settings in bios but not too familiar with those.

Thanks for reading and I really appreciate any help

Edit: I'm running Windows 10 home, my psu is a evga 650 gold and I've got a gtx 1060, if any of that info is relevant/helpful

Thanks again

Edit2: Reset CMOS again, bios settings reset again, did the optimal settings option and saved an exited. Boot times seem to be a good minute longer than usual but it's working normally. Guess I'll just leave it for now. Checking DRAM freq. on CPU-Z is showing 1064 MHz.

Once again appreciate y'all reading. Any idea what may have been causing that weirdness?
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  1. The current BIOS for that motherboard is from 8/18 and specifically calls out "Improve DDR compatibility" I would recommend an update to the F8 BIOS as a first step.
  2. Yep, after I was sure it was booting correctly that's the first thing I did. Sadly ram frequency is still the same and I don't wanna spend another hour resetting CMOS if it still misbehaves. Appreciate the response though
  3. I have the same hardware configuration as you, and the same problem bothers me. How are you now?
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