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Hello, I'm a more casual gamer and in 12th grade. I'm looking to either buy a console or upgrade my GPU for my PC in the future. I'm fortunate enough to have a PC with an i7 4770k and GTX 770 with 8GB of RAM that my parents bought me back in 2014. Recently, I've seen the new Xbox One X stuff and that got me thinking whether I should look to save up some money for a console or GPU in the next 1-2 years.

I currently live in Canada, so I'm guessing that a GTX 1070 (600-700 CAD) is around the price of an Xbox One X console here. Would this be a significant upgrade in terms of running the current games like Forza Horizon 3 (idk what else I'm more "casual" lol) at high/ultra settings at 1080p? Maybe 60 fps? I'm pretty sure that's not possible on my current setup. Will my i7 4770k bottleneck a GTX 1070? If so, I would have to go for a console. I'll probably upgrade my RAM to 16GB sometime in between so I'm guessing that won't be a bottleneck.

Thanks in advance for any advice and recommendations!

EDIT: I heard that console games were not all full 1080p but more like 900 something, so would the PC upgrade be better in all aspects?
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  1. no it wont bottleneck your system,well the benefit to have console u wont need to upgrade your PC,but if u are more casual i suggest to take the new xbox one x
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    I will prefer you to upgrade your gpu as I prefer PC gaming but there are many other advantages of upgrading your gpu
    1) you can do much more work on your computer
    2) it will perform way better than a console
    3) it is future proof as you are going to buy gtx1070 you don't need to worry about any game for 4-5 years
    4) pc games are lot more cheaper than console games
    5) some games release first on console than on pc but there is not so long gap than you can't wait

    Good luck with your upgrading
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