Are there any bottlenecks in this gaming PC build and is it a good build (new to pc gaming)


I am new to PC gaming, and have a relatively large budget of around 1000 pounds for the PC ONLY.

I know this is a large budget for a gaming PC and so I know it can run games like Battlefield 1, GTA 5 and other games such as PUBG and H1Z1, but was wandering what are the best settings I could get on these games and the best FPS.

Also would like to know if the CPU bottlenecks the GPU or any other issues with the build. And I am undecided on which monitor is the best, either the ASUS VS248HR or the ASUS VC239H. Any advice and feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    > You can get the Cryorig H7 cooler for 8 quid more. Its is called the Evo Killer for its sheer performance over the Evo.

    > You cannot Overclock the cpu with that b250 board.

    > GTX 1070is bad value atm as its selling at a premium due to shortage. Either get the 1060 or the 1080 for better bang for buck.

    > Motherboards these days have pretty good sound performance and adding a cheap sound card doesnt add much value. For superior sound experience get an external dac/amp setup.

    > Most importantly, the 8700kis launching around next month which is more powerful around the same price.
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