Can i overclock safely with amd overdrive

so i have an amd processor athlon 5350 apu and a good gpu gt 1030 aero msi but my processor is bottlenecking and when i tried to check the bios for overclocking options it had none my mobo is AM1I msi and i learn that there isnt overclocking on that motherboard but there is on the asus counterpart but i currently have no budget for upgrading cpu,replacing it or buying the asus mobo so i learnt that there is a program named amd overdrive which does overclocking with no need of the bios so i wonder will it be safe to use it and should i? i currently do some light gaming such as paladins warframe heroes and generals tf2 csgo on a steady 30 fps + but i really would like to get as much as i can up to 60 fps
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    Overclocking by software only is very iffy proposition, mostly makes more problems than solving.
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