I7 7700k liquid cooled reaches 100c

I overclocked my i7 7700k to 5ghz with 1.4v. The problem are the temperatures which are too high. When stress tested It reaches 100c. I use an Arctic liquid freezer 240 as CPU cooler.
It reaches 85c when not overclocked.
Please help me!
Thanks in Advance.
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  2. If you are 100% sure you have the cpu waterblock seated correct... Correct thermal paste application, good enough airfow through the radiator, pump is working.

    If yes and checked on everthing above you have to delid the cpu.
    To keep an long story short its because intel since 3rd generation up to even currect generation cpu`s for mainstream is using thermal paste and not solder between the cpu die and IHS...

    I have the 7700k and had the same problem as you.

    I delided using this tool: https://rockitcool.myshopify.com/

    replaced the bad intel thermal paste with this: http://www.thermal-grizzly.com/en/products/26-conductonaut-en

    Now if you click on my CPU-Z Validator link in bottom right corner in my post here you can see current speed and volts I am running at now. You will also see CPU temps and that is belive it or not with an over 50% load on all cores.
    At full load on all cores I never go past 62-63 degree celcius.

    So to sum it up, delid... is it for you?
    Are you willing to risk destroying your cpu and buy a new one?
    Are you nuts about temps and want to go as low as possible?
    Are you going to push the cpu to its limits and back off 50 - 100mhz for a 24/7 day to day use?

    If yes, yes and yes then delid is for you :)
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  3. I doubt deliding will fix your problem, did you run the cpu with air first? Deliding will get what 12 degrees at the most? Maybe 20? I have the 7700k and a custom loop at 5.1 is much lower. If you didn't run it on air and stock I recommend doing that. What temp did it get on stock speeds/voltage on water? Maybe your chip can't go as high as you have it.
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  4. Thanks for your answer!
    I currently haven't got an air cooler for that socket so i can't test it out. On stock speeds I got 28/32 degrees idle and 75/82 when stress tested with aida64. To say the truth delidding scares me a little, I'd rather to don't do that.
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