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I went to turn my PC on today and it didn't boot. A quick flash of lights on the motherboard and back to nothing. I have an r7 1700 with a gigabyte autos gaming 5. Every couple tries the lights on the motherboard will stay on and the error code readout says 00 with a light displaying the cpu in error. The error code isn't even listed in the mobo manual, unless it's supposed to be d0, which is a cpu initialization error. I believe the error code readout shows "d" in lower case though so that la probably not the case. The PC was working perfectly just last night. The bios reset itself apparently because the mobo lights defaulted back to red. I recently updated the bios to the latest f7 and had no problems for a week or so until this. I'm not exactly well versed in trouble shooting techniques, and his is the first problem I've had. It seems like the cpu is he problem though, unless the power supply died, but I'm still getting some activity from it.

Quick update: I got the PC to boot by pressing the reset button on the PC case, but it still won't boot upon restarting or after being shut down without hitting the reset button
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  1. Go to the support forum of gigabyte, as this needs special knowledge about your motherboard.
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