Palit P106-100 simplemining OC setup

Hi there, i am using palit p106 100 mining GPU. I tried some oc. but i can not run it stable and i did not get 700 mhz for memory like other ASUS P106 users. I define +300mhz but i can only get a half 150 mhz when i save my OC. Also i tried to set up +550mhz for memory and system looping always after mined 30 second (btw i can not get 550mhz only half). So here is my setup (i dont use for now) i am using 8 card 1 rig. im getting only 5 mhz total. So i decided to do not use OC.

core mhz+170
mem mhz +300
power limit : 140watt
minimum fan %30
Default value-->oc value
Core : 1825 -> 2000
mem: 4000 -> 4150
mh : 20 -> 21~22~ (each)

what is your simplemining OC profile. Can anyone share with me for this GPU
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  1. Isn't overclocking mining cards counter-productive? Now I'm no miner myself, but AFAIK the increase in performance does not complement the increased power draw making the card less efficient. Please correct me if I am wrong.
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