PC wont POST after driver update. CPU led red on MSI mobo.

After the driver update utility Auslogic driver udate the computer does not start. Utility updated drivers Intel: the chipset and other drivers. On the motherboard the cpu ez debug led is on. I tried to reset CMOS, unplugged and replugged everything , replace PSU, update BIOS via USB flash, but all the time I see the same thing - black screen and red led CPU.

The system is
Intel i3 6100
8gb ddr4 RAM

p.s. sorry for my english
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  1. A driver update has nothing to do with BIOS and posting in BIOS.
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  2. CountMike said:
    A driver update has nothing to do with BIOS and posting in BIOS.

    OK. But then what happened?
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  3. Make sure that your CPU power connector and 24-pin main power connector are fully seated. If that doesn't make a difference I would try reseating the CPU.

    Strange that it would start all of a sudden, any other relevant info?

    EDIT: I see you already did this, but the light indicates that either the CPU isn't getting power (or not enough) or some other issue with detection. Do you have another power supply that you could try?
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