Overclocking FX-6350 ASrock 970 Extreme 3 r2.0

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to oc my outdated and quite weak fx-6350. But when I try to OC in the bios my pc wont boot normally and it will give some sort of uefi warning. It does not matter how small the bump is. My pc won't accept any oc at all.

Any tips? I'll be upgrading to ryzen in a few months but the performance in games is really lagging behind now with the fx.

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  1. Given that boards weak vrm setup you should be happy that 125w cpu runs at stock speeds.
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  2. I read that the vrm's are not the best but is it really that bad? Is the cooling such a mess?
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  3. The forums are rife with issues from boards with 4+1 VRM setups having issues with 125w CPUs. Thg most common of them being VRM throttling even at stocks speeds. a 4+1 setup may support it on paper but in the real world the they are problematic.
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