My GPU usage is around 50-75 percent on GTA 5. It is not a CPU bottleneck, I get about 55-70 percent CPU usage with each core under 60%. What could be causing this? I also have 16gb Ram
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  1. You can get a cpu bottleneck without the total usage cpu being at 100%. What is the cpu usage for each core/thread. What is your full pc spec.
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  2. usage for each core/thread is usually around 30-55, 60 max.
    Specs: 1060 6GB, DDR3 8x2, i7 2600
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  3. How many fps are you getting?
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  4. I am getting decent fps, very playable but it dips into low 50's and high 40's sometimes
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  5. Is vsync on?
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  6. bignastyid said:
    Is vsync on?

    No v sync
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  7. Hi,

    Are you using Geforce Experience to optimise or are you doing it manually? Geforce Experience may work, sometimes not so well.

    Certain settings will affect performance more than others.

    Try these settings found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/GrandTheftAutoV_PC/comments/56wncd/gtx_1060_settings/

    Grass, shadow quality and Anti aliasing mostly. Grass if set on ultra is a power hog detailing individual shrub/grass blade, whether you notice or not i personally don't so i leave it on vhigh.
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  8. Yea I know that ultra grass just shits on any system, my settings are a little lower than that link
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  9. Btw I'm hitting max voltage the entire time
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  10. Voltage as in your cpu clocks?

    Perhaps try the settings, muck around with AA, up the detail a bit and see if can get the gpu working more.

    What resolution are you in? 1080p is my guess but checking.

    Are options in Nvidia CP more or less standard from install? Besides performance and vsync, nothing else quality wise set too high?

    Apart from game and Nvidia CP settings which might make a difference could try another driver (Newer or older) as drivers may break performance. Not always but possible. Always clean install though just to be on the safe side, even if you need to redo a few settings.

    Another thing to try might be to turn off or on cpu's Hyperthreading and see how performance compares.
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  11. I went through some settings in the Nvidia control pannel, got some more usage out of the gpu but still not in the high 80s and 90s. I'm fine with it tho I found real Ly good settings that average 70 fps and hardly dip into the 50's
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