msi gtx 1060 gaming x 6gb not overclocking (manually or by app; while not gamin)

hello guys
I have msi gtx 1060 Gaming X 6gb graphics card and i am using the latest nvidia graphics drivers, MSI gaming app, and afterburner.
I am unable to overclock my card.
the card has following clocks:

Boost Clock / Base Clock / Memory Frequency
1809 MHz / 1594 MHz / 8100 MHz (OC Mode)
1784 MHz / 1569 MHz / 8000 MHz (Gaming Mode)
1708 MHz / 1506 MHz / 8000 MHz (Silent Mode)
6144 MB GDDR5

ok so when i run the MSI gaming app, i get the option to choose from 3 available clock modes: OC , gaming and silent
but selecting anyone of these doesnt make any difference.
I use CPU id and afterburner (together and separately) to check the temps and clocks etc

similarly when i set (& apply) higher clock n memory values (different values) in Afterburner nothing happens.
the maximum values i get are:
clock stucks to 1785
memory 4095
(when i use afterburner or MSI gaming app to increase the clock or memory values) and I do Crypto-mining but nothing happens, there is no effect of increased values
the clock values and memory values stay the same regardless of what app im using or what values i have fed.


when I play Battlefield 1 (1920x1080p at Ultra settings) the maximum values i get are :
clock goes to 2012
memory stays 4095
this thing happens even if im not using any overclocking or anything
just using the card as is, just run the game and clocks get high on its own .

can someone explain why im not able to overclock my card here..
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  1. Have you tried manually overclocking using MSI afterburner? For mining, i would advice you to manually overclock using MSI Afterburner.
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  2. Sohom said:
    Have you tried manually overclocking using MSI afterburner? For mining, i would advice you to manually overclock using MSI Afterburner.

    Thanks for reply..but as I have mentioned in my post I did try feeding values manually with Afterburner but nothing happens.
    It only overclocks automatically whine I am gaming
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  3. Ok so today I tried to do the same thing with Afterburner and it's working!
    I did not update any drivers or installed any software or anything removed nothing. Didn't even shut down my PC! (For days)
    Somehow it's working (the overclocking)
    I am using Afterburner
    I am stable at 62 degree C, with core +202 @ 2062mhz and memory +500 @ 4303mhz
    I didn't play much with it yet
    I'll leave this setting for a while thn try higher values.
    I just hope it doesn't stop overclocking magically like the way it started happining..

    I'll post an update for thread closure after 2-3 days
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  4. Good to know that the overclock is working...
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  5. Sorry for being back late..
    So the latest update is overclocking is again not working!
    When I apply new values to core n memory clock, only the memory clock increases but the core stays stuck at the same value.

    Back when I was able to overclock it, I left it running for almost 1.5-2 days before it crashed, then I tried few other values lesser than what I have posted in previous post and it sometimes worked sometimes crashed, sometimes it worked on values even little bit higher. But now it doest work again.
    somehow when I game it overclocks automatically (same thing as I have posted in my original post)
    What I tried this time is I ran the game and reviewed the clock values using Afterburner and minimized the game and ran my mining but it didn't hit the clock value which I get during game.. It gets only till 1569mhz that's it where as I get more than 18xxmhz during gaming (1898 sometime 2012, 2004 etc).
    and the memory clock during game is 4007mhz
    I am able to change the memory clock thought (anytime)

    OK one pre thing I'll add (just in case of its helpful) thr memory consumed during gaming is 4900mb and during mining it's ~1650mhz (gpu usage 100%, for both gaming n mining)

    I don't get what is hapining..any clue?
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