Temps are fine, now fans are loud

Gpu temp goes up to 68c when oc
And cpu goes up to 68 c as well when oc
Gtx 1070 at 2090mhz with 60% fans
I5 7600k@ 4.8 ghz @1.2v
I would need much help for this last call on this build! I have one back fan, 1 front, and two upper fans in my case for a total of 4 the one in front is not hearable but the three others defenitly are when on load.
What should be my temps boundaries for not loosing performance. In other words how low could i get my fans s rpm to go with good temps. Can i let myself go higher than those temps without compromising performance? Ive heard gpu boost 3.0 needs good temps...
Please help finish up this amazing build of mine id like to have the best of all worlds and i guess this would be THA place to achieve such a thing!

Thanks fellows!
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  1. I verry much need help with this!
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