450w PSU with ryzen 5 1500x overclocked @3.7ghz and gtx 1060 6gb

looking to upgrade my gpu from a 1050 to a 1060 but dont know if i need to buy a new PSU link to psu:
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    You're right at the margin with the economy 450W PSU and the GTX 1060. But the PSU has a 408W rail (+12v), so it is fairly strong for that class of PSU. As long as you don't OC the card or the CPU you should be fine. The 3.7OC you say you have now isn't enough to worry about IMO. The CPU turbos to that with 2 cores, anyway.
    3.6GHz all cores
    3.7GHz 2 cores
    3.9GHz XFR
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