any ideas about intel 8th gen i3 processor prices?

Will i3 8100 break the usual 120$ mark?

I was going to build a i3 7100 and now rumors say that i3 8100 will be a quad core one. It's really interesting.

Is it wiser to wait till i3 8100 release?

Will 8th mobos more expensive than the 7th gen counterparts?
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    First, it's no longer a rumor. The Coffee Lake i3s will be four core (and i5s six core). Second, you can just about guarantee the 8th gen i3s being more than their respective predecessors. How much more is anyone's guess because they have a direct competitor with Ryzen 3's four cores. Same with the motherboards.

    I would wait until reviews of the i3 8100 are out and compare them to that of the $130 Ryzen 3 1300X which are already out.
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  2. 8th gen mobos will be more expensive than 7th gen mobos for sure. And the CPUs likely will be as well.

    i3 7100 will likely be significantly worse than i3 8100, so it would be worth the wait if you can afford it.
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  3. cpu price probably small increase $10-20, mobo price unknown could be more.
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