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Hi, i bought 4x2gb Corsair Vengeance Pro Series DDR3L 1600mhz for my build. I would like to know whether this ram can overclock higher than 1600mhz.

This is the specs:
I7 3770 @3.5ghz
MSI H61m P31/W8
GTX 1070
1tb HDD
DeepCool IceBlade 200m cpu cooler
Windows 10 64 bit Professional

Note: This will be used for gaming. I will be playing on max settings in AAA games,thanks.
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  1. Assuming your motherboard allows you to set an XMP profile then yes, the RAM can be overclocked. That said, don't expect a performance boost. The i7-3770 only supports up to 1600Mhz RAM anyway.
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  2. Thanks,if in case it doesnt go over 1600mhz ram speed,can you increase it through the bclk to overclock the ram?
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  3. Yes you can increase the base clock but this will also overclock the PCIe slot(s) and the CPU. As your motherboard is rather basic, I'd steer clear of the base clock entirely. The gains won't be worth the trouble.
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  4. RAM speed plays the smallest role by PC performance, for gaming almost close to none.
    It does not worth the effort at all.
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  5. I see, so the most gains of frames are from the cpu and gpu
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  6. FPS in games: main processor and graphic processor unit
    Loading time in games, boot time, program opening, etc.: SSD
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