HELP! Advice needed on Ryzen 5 overclocking and Asus Pstate setting

Hello people, I require help and advice from you guys.

I currently own Ryzen 5 1400 and Ryzen 5 1600X

My specs are:
Mobo - Asus B350m-a
Memory - G.skill DDR4 3200 CL16 running at 2933mhz
SSD - Samsung 960 evo 1TB
GPU - Gigabyte Nvidia GTX1070 g1 gaming
Monitor - Acer predator 27" IPS g-sync enabled

- Managed to OC R1400 to 3.95ghz stable at 1.4175v
- OC R1600X to 4.0ghz stable at 1.4v

1) The OC difference in both chips is not significant. May I ask which chip would reap better performance in terms of gaming? I play FPS games such as battlefield, playerunknown battleground and csgo and occasional dota.

I play at 1440p mostly at high settings. Would the performance difference between the two chips be huge enough for me to choose one over the other? Or would it be rational to choose the cheaper R1400 as the clock speed is about the same, prolly at a trade-off of few frames? I intend to use this rig for 4-5 years.

2) I've tried using Asus zenstates for my power-saving downclocking configuration as my mobo doesn't support Pstate OC. On my R1600X, I set it as,

P0: 40x - 1.4V
P1: 30x - 1.0625V
P2: 20x - 0.8875V

I monitored the clock speed across the cores via HWinfo and they did scale to my configuration. However, the voltage across all the cores is shown as 1.4V still and it doesn't appear to have reduced the voltage. Is this normal? I have tried both Ryzen balanced and High performance plans with min processor state set to 5%. Both didn't help either. Am I missing something here?

3) is there any rule of thumb as to the clock speed and voltage to be set for P1 and P2? Do I have to run a stability test for the P1 and P2 clock speeds and voltage?

Sorry for so many questions. Been trying to figure this out as this is my first time OC on AMD. Hope for some kind soul to help me on this! Thanks!
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