Most effect way to upgrade current PC for lowest $ (GPU or CPU/MB)

Hello All and than you for taking the time to help me with this.

My current build was:
System specs: *i5-2500K OC (when gaming)4.5GHz
ASUS P8-P67 Pro
16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 ram 1600 Ghz
xFx Radon R9-290A EDFD 4G times 2 (crossfire)
500 GB 7200rpm
hard-drive *250GB SSD
850 Gold PSU (forget brand)

I lost one of the R9's died not sure why will not boot up etc. going to call XFX and see if they will send me a replacement since i have the life time warranty...

So my question is yes the MB is like 6 yrs old along with cpu (maybe 5)
would it be "smart to just buy a 1080 Ti 11g" and plug that bad boy in? Or would the BM and CPU be a large bottle neck?

since the prices are not tooo crazy $750. right now how long would that last me?

Play VR games like EVE Valkirie,
Play Star Citizen
Total War 2
Really want to have a 3 Monitor set up etc.

Thanks again

Anyway would appreciate thoughts
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  1. Best answer
    That processor would be a giant bottleneck for 1080 Ti.
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  2. If you want to upgrade To 1080Ti then you should definitely upgrade it but you have to change your processor too at least to Ryzen 1800x otherwise your processor will bottleneck your beast(1080Ti)

    Good luck with your upgrading
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