Issues projecting Wii U or Laptop via HDMI to JVC Pd-42v485 TV - Simply too old?

Hi everyone,

My roommate and I recently got a TV off craigslist, the model is JVC Pd-42v485. This TV has an HDMI port that I can conect to the HDMI port on my laptop (which is a Lenovo P500, if it matters), but I can't seem to get my laptop to project to the TV screen (using the "project to second screen" function in the control panel) I also attempted connecting my Wii U to the TV with this port to no avail. I have successfully used this laptop to project onto other, newer TVs.
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    That TV supports XGA (1024x768) 60hz.
    You will need to set the HDMI out of the laptop to that resolution to see a picture.
    Here's a link to the TV manual
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