ASUS z87 BIOS fail to update... Looking for help

Before work, I had some time to burn, so I thought Id update the new ( old part ) build. The MB is an Asus z87 Deluxe Dual with an i7 4770k. Anyway, I got the system setup and the last thing was to update the BIOS. I went and updated it using the windows utility and all went well. Last thing is said was to restart.

I restarted it and that was it. Now its stuck at the Asus Bios screen and wont do nothing. I then left for work after just shutting it down. I know this MB has a button on the back to flash the BIOS back on it, but honestly I dont wan to have to tear it down again to flash the BIOS. If it has to be done, okay, but Id rather not.

Would that CMOS button do anything? I know this board has a lot of options that frankly, I dont even use. So maybe there is a way around it?


Ah also, I dont see the renamer file that ASUS calls to use, does anyone know the name that the BIOS file has to be renamed to?
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  1. Read the manual, it explains completely how to reset the bios. If you are too lazy to read three pages of a manual, you deserve to have a broken pc.
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  2. I dont have the manual. And im asking if that would be the issue/solution.
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  3. Dude, you can download the manual from ASUS website in the support section.
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    Hi mroneeyedboh :)

    Best method is to use your rear IO panel which has a flashback button and flashback USB port. As you don't have the manual, here is a diag of your rear IO panel:

    With this method you do not need to be either in Windows or your Bios. Just download the latest BIOS 2103 and BIOS updater to an empty USB stick formatted to fat32. Check the file is renamed to Z87D.CAP

    Power down your system so there is only power to the MB. Insert the USB into the correct USB port (page 2-13 in your MB manual if you have it.). Press the flashback button and it will begin to blink. It can take a while to complete and once it stops blinking you are done.
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  5. I ended up going to my aunts house to fine the manual. I was on my phone and its not that easy to read it. Anyway, I appreciate the help MeanMachine!

    I did end up getting it to work earlier. But for some reason, since there is already a 4th generation CPU installed, it wont take anything over version 1405. Ive tried several ways and it eventually crashes and gives me the 00A2 output code on the MB.
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