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I have an I7 4790k overclocked to 4.6Mhz@ 1.180v ran Aida 64 for 15 minutes no problems.
My question is. since my motherboard (Asus h97 pro gamer) doesn't have adaptive or offset voltage am i ok to leave it on manual voltage all the time or is this going to cause problems? idle temps are 29-32c. under full load aida 64= 67c.
thanks in advance
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    manual is fine

    4.6ghz @ 1.18v is really REALLY good!

    Mine needs 1.26v for the same clock speed

    I'd recommend benching it longer than 15 mins though

    My initial tests for a stable overclock are 1 hour CPU benching, 10 runs of 3dmark, 4 hours gaming (4 games, 1 hour each)
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  2. Ok, so i ran Aida 64 for 40 minutes this time and it didn't crash. Played Arma 3 for a few hours worked fine. Ran Cinebench like 20 times and 3dmark. So if i keep it at 1.180 or if i want to overclock further and end up at lets say 1.290v, will that be fine if it stays there constantly never ramping down?
    Also i increased the cache to 41 on lowest and highest while running these tests. Lowest temp was 27c and highest was 68c.
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  3. yup, as long as temps are good and your staying below 1.35v, then it's fine
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