How to get same internet speed over all port of unmanaged switch

Wifi router is at one end of the house with the internet modem. We have one ethernet cable running to the other end of the house to an unmanaged switch. We have 120mbs at the end of that ethernet cable. But once connected to the unmanaged switch, speed drops down to around 30mbs. We have the following unmanaged switch (

Why is that?
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  1. The switch would be my main "suspect".

    Check the specifications and verify your connections.

    If all of the switch ports do not prove to be what is expected, then return the switch.

    But do indeed, check the Ethernet cables between the switch and its supported devices.

    Swap in known working cables just to ensure that the switch to device cable is not the problem. Or the device itself.

    The device being the recipient of only "around 30 mbs".
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  2. Since you have 120mbs internet access, you need to get a 1000mbps switch instead.
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    while you should get more then 30mbps, you certainly need a gigabit switch for a 120mbps internet connection.

    The problem (what is causing only 30mbps) is going to either be the current switch or there is possibly a badly terminated wire going between the router and switch. Do you have a cable tester?

    Now, to answer the literal question in your title is that you don't.
    If you want all ports to be capable of receiving your max internet connection then get a gigabit switch
    If you want all ports to get an equal amount of internet speed under simultaneous load, you need a managed (or semi-managed) gigabit switch that has QoS.
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