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Hello, I've got my new computer case today, the NZXT Noctis 450.
Also 1 meter RGB LED strip. I've now built everything, everything works as it should.
Just got from razer, blackwidow chroma, razer mamba chroma, razer firefly and razer man o war.

Now maybe a crazy question, but my motherboard, the ASROCK Fatal1ty z270 gaming K6
It also has RGB on the motherboard, and an RGB ledstrip plug. Where I also connected the LED strip. In this case, everything is now in the "wave" mode, but I want to find out if it is possible to connect my razer chroma products to the motherboard's LED settings, so the razer products and motherboard go at the same time with LEDS on Wave mode!

It may sound ridiculous, but maybe someone who knows how it should be

Google translate helped me, don't blame my bad English <3
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