i7 7700k GTX 980 ti getting low fps Help!

Hi all, I have recently built my first gaming PC and i'm not getting consistent frame rates or as high of frame rates as other similar systems I have seen. My Build:
i7 7700k (not overclocked)
Asus Maximus IX Hero Motherboard
GTX 980 ti G1 Gaming Windforce OC
12GB Kingston HyperX Fury 2400 RAM (1x8+1x4)
Deep Cool Gammaxx 400 Cooler
Corsair cx750m PSU
1080p 60hz monitor.
I was told that the system I had built was complete overkill for 1080p gaming but I knew at least I could max out most games at 60fps, and unfortunately that's not the case at all. In games like Battlefield 1 on ultra I get frequent dips down into the 40-50fps range with occasional stuttering. I have watched similar systems play with the same settings at a solid 80-110fps on ultra. I built my new PC so I could play Destiny 2 and wanted to play at highest settings locked 60fps 1080p. While playing the beta and locking at 60fps I cannot hold a steady 60fps as it jumps down to 30fps and then back to 60 and all in between but never stayed locked on 60fps but never goes under 30. Kinda feels like i'm playing on a console. Again I watched many other players with 980's, 1060's and even 970's running Destiny 2 on 1440p and getting consistent 80-140fps. My Temps are mid 30'sC on both the CPU & GPU at idle, while the CPU runs between 60-70C under full load and the GPU low to mid 70'sC under full load. If anyone could please help or would know why I'm getting such poor performance from my build I would greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks!
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    It could be your hdd.
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  2. velo3100 said:
    It could be your hdd.

    Thank You! I never would have though my hdd was the problem. It was 100% the problem. I moved my OS and games to an ssd and it's like a new pc. No more stuttering and all games run 60+ fps 1080p maxed out. Again thanks for that advice as I was clueless what to do! Thanks!
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